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Marketing Strategy

Experience. Creativity. Results.
Developing a strong marketing strategy cannot be done with a cookbook approach. Sometimes there is no substitute for experience. With more than just the experience of participating in strategy conception, Karl has directed the strategy development. He has proven repeatedly that he can design, lead, and guide successful marketing strategy.
Communication is always an issue.
Branding is more than a logo
Commercialization requires a detailed plan.
Communication Branding and Commercialization


Presenting the right message to the marketplace is a critical part of a successful business. With the explosive growth in internet interactions, your story needs to be managed. Staying ahead of the trends, mediating negative news, and keeping the message consistent requires a sound communication strategy and efficient  execution. Opportunities need to be capitalized and threats must be handled appropriately.


By collaboratively creating strategy and putting it in motion, Karl can assure that your current and new customers are getting the message that compels them to do business with you.



It is much more than a logo. It is the perception that your company, product name, or image creates in the minds of clients. Like so many things in marketing, it is not just one thing, it is an orchestrated effort. Developing the proper brand requires a strong strategy and smart actions that protect and advance it.


You know what you want your perception in the marketplace to be. With brand development exercises, your message becomes clear and organized. Then Karl can help you drive that message to the market. 





The best product does not always have the best commercial results. There are many factors that can cause great technology to end up as an unsuccessful product. Pricing (too high or too low), premature roll outs, and mis-messaging are just a few of the things that can obstruct a product from a successful launch. Most of these factors really have nothing to do with the technology or quality of a product, but if they are not managed proactively, a successful product release can be delayed or never achieved.


With a detailed and flexible commercialization planning tool, Karl will work with you to find the quickest route to success for your products.

Karl is very talented and has an abundant depth of knowledge of marketing in both energy and non-energy industries. His work ethic, honesty, team-player approach, and his leadership by example made it easy for me to entrust him with managing the marketing for three different organizations that we were a part. He is able to interact positively with people at all levels of an organization and he has shown excellent managerial skills by motivating his team to deliver world-class marketing projects in spite of limited budgets. He would be an invaluable asset to any organization.

Dharmesh Mehta
EVP, Strategy at Weatherford
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