Tactical Marketing


Skills. Efficiency. Effectiveness.
At some point, someone needs to do the "heavy lifting." It seems there is always too much work to be done and not enough resources to get it done. Karl has proven his value in the tactical part of marketing creation. With him on your projects, you can sleep a little better knowing it will be done right and on time.
Rethinking priorities.


Copywriting is the most important component of the tasks that go into creating marketing material. The readers must be drawn into the details with an appealing headline, see an understanding of their business, and find a succinct solution for their pressing issues. The result: a readable message that speaks to the target audience in a language that they are comfortable – compelling them to take the next step in the sales process.

Press Relations
Maximum results with minimum expenditure.


Being published in the right industry publications can be the most efficient marketing. Editors are grateful to have articles about your company and products – as long as the stories will be appreciated by their subscribers. There is an art to writing stories that promote a marketing message but still fill the reader's need to gain usable knowledge. The result: published stories that can be used as powerful marketing materials. 

Presentation coaching.
We eat with our eyes.

Everyone sells. Individuals from vastly different parts of an organization are called on to present at conferences, customer's locations, and over the web. What can be more important and nerve-racking than presenting to decision makers with a limited amount of time to hold their interest and convince them that your product or service is what they need and well worth paying for? Everything needs to be spot on. The presentation slides need to be professional and concise, and you need to display the right balance of confidence, empathy, and subject-matter expertise. With coaching and presentation editing, the result is exactly what you were looking for – getting the order.

The power of persuasion.


Advertising can be a money pit. Now with the explosion of electronic advertising, the choices of where to advertise are immense. Without a detailed advertising plan funds can soon end up in that money pit. However, advertising in the most effective places with a message that enhances the marketing strategy can be very effective. The result: product recognition with a strong message for a successful organization which continues to grow.

Website Creation
All markets are now global.


Websites are used more than ever for business decisions. (You are looking at one now.) In most things, you cannot be all things to all people, but with your website, you can. By defining the personas you want to reach and tailoring specific sections of your website toward them, you can effectively address the market segments with the messages displayed in a user-friendly way. It is not easy, but with a little research into your market and a detailed web plan, the result is the clients get exactly what they were looking for – your products.


Social Media
Connectivity breeds friends.


It is very clear that websites and emails are not the only communication methods through the internet. However, it is not abundantly clear which social media channels are suitable for which business communications. It takes creativity to make sure the message is getting to the social media users. Providing a benefit for this audience  assures a following which creates another channel to reach potential customers. The result: a strong message that continues to grow virally  .

Tradeshows can waste money.
Just being there isn't enough.


Tradeshows represent one of the largest wastes of money in corporate marketing. It is not that they have no value. They can and continue to provide lead generation, press coverage, sales process advancement, and customer good will. But, without a proper plan and focused execution, the large costs of participating in a tradeshow can easily dwarf the benefits. In any industry, there are a plethora of events that a company can particiate. Choosing only the best requires research. Planning and detailed administration to acheive the goal of the show include tailored messages, pre-event marketing, planned client meetings, and after-event follow up. The result: event participation that leads to increased product sales.


Who is listening now?


Hiring voiceover talent can be a daunting task. One person's opinion of the right voice might make someone else cringe. In spite of the vast number of voice talents available, there are a few factors that must be considered to create the authoritative yet friendly voice for your animations, videos, and public announcements. The result: a level of comfort that the customers feel in hearing the voice that represents your company.

Professional voiceover talent
Typos can ruin your work

Editing and Proofing
First impressions matter.


Every word your company publishes is a reflection of the quality, attention to detail, and the sophistication of your company. Poor grammar, ambiguous wording, and typos leave the reader with a lack of confidence in your company. Having text reviewed by a seasoned marketing professional assures that your presentations, proposals, brochures, and websites allow the reader to capture the meaning of the text without distraction. The result: clients comfortably reading and absorbing your message.